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Blenhein Primary School

Our School Day

Registration for all children is at 8:50am; any child arriving after this time is late and will need to go to the Main Office to sign in.

Arriving at School
Both sets of gates (School Way and Leighview Drive) will be open to all families to
enter and exit the school grounds.  The entrance will be open from 8:40am, so you can drop your child off to make their way to their classes from this time. 

The car park will remain closed during drop off and collection times, as the site has been much safer without cars entering and exiting School Way. You will be able to use the car park if you have a blue disabled badge or a Blenheim Parking Permit, but will need to arrive before the gates close and remain within the car park until the gates re-open.
Drop off Information
Nursery children will be met by staff at the gate opposite the school field.
Reception children should be dropped off at the decking outside the Reception classrooms.
Years 1 and 2 should be dropped off at the bottom of the ramp to the KS1 classes, adjacent to the KS1 playground.
Years 3 and 4 should be dropped off in the KS2 playground and make their way into class via the white doors by the library.
Years 5 and 6 should make their way to class using the external classroom doors adjacent to the wildlife area and gardens.
Qube children should be dropped off at the classroom door and children in the ARB should be dropped off by the external door in the sensory garden, past the KS2 toilet block.

Morning break is at 10:30am for KS1 and 10:45am for KS2 (children in Qube/ARB will join their mainstream year group timings); children may bring a healthy snack to eat at this time.  This should be either a fruit or vegetable snack in accordance with our Healthy Schools status.

Lunch begins at 12:00pm for Reception, 12:15pm for KS1 and 12:30pm for KS2.  Lunch break lasts for one hour and children have the choice of ordering school meals, bringing a packed lunch or going home for lunch.  All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are eligible for free school meals, and older children may be eligible if their parents receive certain benefits.  If you think you may be eligible for free school meals, please contact the school office.  Packed lunches should be healthy and balanced meals.  Children should not have chocolate, sweets, milkshakes or fizzy drinks in their lunchboxes and we also ask that parents avoid giving nuts, including peanut butter.  This is due to the risk to those children with severe allergies.

The school day ends at 3:10pm for Reception, 3:15pm for KS1 and 3:20pm for KS2. 

Collection Information
Nursery children are to be collected from the Nursery playground.
Reception children finish at 3:10pm and will be sent down the decking to the playground area closest to their classrooms.
KS1 classes finish at 3:15pm. Year 1 should be collected from various locations: Miss
Sexton - bath area; Mrs Clayton - back of classroom; Miss Wright - KS1 playground. Year 2 should be collected from the external doors to the classrooms on the KS1 playground.
KS2 classes, the Qube and ARB finish at 3:20pm. Years 3 and 4 should be collected from the KS2 playground and Years 5 and 6 should be collected from the external doors by the wildlife area and gardens (or make their own way out of school with prior arrangement with class teachers).
Qube & ARB children should be collected from their classrooms.

If you'd like any further information about our school day, just Contact Us.