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Blenhein Primary School

Blenheim Curriculum

Welcome to the curriculum section of our website where you will find out more about what your child will be learning at our school.  

The Blenheim Curriculum (2023) is a rich and ambitious curriculum that has been designed to meet the demands of education in the 21st Century, whilst ensuring that children’s learning is grounded in the context of our school.  The curriculum takes the core content from the National Curriculum and carefully builds knowledge, skills and understanding over time. The Blenheim Curriculum offers children memorable, real life experiences and opportunities to engage with some of life’s big questions. 

Our curriculum is driven by our purpose of education, which is formed in four parts: learning to be myself; learning to live together; learning to build a society and learning to live sustainably.

More information about our new curriculum for 2023 is coming soon!

To support children's early reading development, we use the ReadWriteInc. (RWI) programme and provide workshops for parents on phonics. If you would like to find out more about this programme or have any questions, please read English Appendix 1 Phonics Development, which can be found under our Assessment and Policies tab or you can speak to a member of staff. 

Please speak to a member of staff for more information and click on the links below for further details about our curriculum.

Blenheim Flyers

We are committed to working in partnership with parents and carers and keeping them informed about their children’s learning. We are currently exploring how we can develop our Blenheim Flyers for the year ahead. If you have any feedback or ideas on how we can improve these flyers, please speak with a member of staff.  Below, you can find links to the half-termly Blenheim Flyers for the previous academic year.

Nursery Flyers 2022-23

Nursery@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 1Nursery@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 2

Nursery@Blenheim Flyer Spring 1

Nursery@Blenheim Flyer Spring 2

Nursery@Blenheim Flyer Summer 1

Nursery@Blenheim Flyer Summer 2

Reception Flyers 2022-23

Reception@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 1

Reception@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 2

Reception@Blenheim Flyer Spring 1

Reception@Blenheim Flyer Spring 2

Reception@Blenheim Flyer Summer 1

Reception@Blenheim Flyer Summer 2

Year 1 Flyers 2022-23

Year1@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 1

Year1@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 2

Year1@Blenheim Flyer Spring 1

Year1@Blenheim Flyer Spring 2

Year 1@Blenheim Flyer Summer 1

Year1@Blenheim Flyer Summer 2

Year 2 Flyers 2022-23

Year2@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 1

Year2@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 2

Year2@Blenheim Flyer Spring 1

Year2@Blenheim Flyer Spring 2

Year 2@Blenheim Flyer Summer 1

Year2@Blenheim Flyer Summer 2

Year 3 Flyers 2022-23

Year3@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 1

Year3@Blenheim Flyer Spring 1

Year3@Blenheim Flyer Spring 2

Year 3@Blenheim Flyer Summer 1

Year3@Blenheim Flyer Summer 2

Year 4 Flyers 2022-23

Year4@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 1

Year4@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 2

Year4@Blenheim Flyer Spring 1

Year4@Blenheim Flyer Spring 2

Year4@Blenheim Flyer Summer 1

Year4@Blenheim Flyer Summer 2

Year 5 Flyers 2022-23

Year5@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 1

Year5@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 2

Year5@Blenheim Flyer Spring 1

Year5@Blenheim Flyer Spring 2

Year5@Blenheim Flyer Summer 1

Year5@Blenheim Flyer Summer 2

Year 6 Flyers 2022-23

Year6@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 1

Year6@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 2

Year6@Blenheim Flyer Spring 1

Year6@Blenheim Flyer Spring 2

Year6@Blenheim Flyer Summer 1

Year6@Blenheim Flyer Summer 2

Tiger Class' Flyers 2022-23

TigerClass@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 1

TigerClass@Blenheim Flyer Autumn 2

TigerClass@Blenheim Flyer Spring 1 TigerClass@Blenheim Flyer Spring 2TigerClass@Blenheim Flyer Summer 1TigerClass@Blenheim Flyer Summer 2