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Our vision, values and ethos at Blenheim

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At Blenheim, we want all pupils to be inspired, to develop the confidence to face new challenges and to ASPIRE to be the best they can be.  ASPIRE links to our school values of Achievement; Success; Perseverance; Independence; Respect and Enthusiasm; these core values are integral to everything we aim to do with the children.


The aims of our school are:


  • To develop self-confident, independent and resilient learners, supporting all children to achieve their best in every aspect of their learning, whatever their individual needs.

  • To inspire and motivate children to develop a love of learning through the provision of an engaging and innovative curriculum.


  • To provide a positive, stimulating and caring learning environment, ensuring individuals feel safe, valued and happy.  We are committed to effective safeguarding.


  • To support all children to become respectful and responsible members of society.


  • To work in partnership with pupils, parents, governors and other organisations, supporting all families through a caring and nurturing ethos.