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Have you designed your own Class Dojo character yet?


You can personalise your Dojo emoji by accessing  your Student Account


Look at some of these designs:



At the end of each term, the child with the highest number of Dojos in the class gets put into a Year Group raffle and the winner gets a £5 prize! 


You can earn Dojos by following the ASPIRE Values

To encourage positive behaviour and responsible actions at Blenheim, we have agreed six rules with pupils, parents, staff and governors, which are linked to our ASPIRE values (Achievement; Support; Perseverance; Independence; Respect; and Enthusiasm).


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The aims of the Behaviour Policy at Blenheim are:

 To enhance pupils’ self-esteem, confidence and resilience.

 To encourage pupils to recognise and respect the rights of others.

 To promote the values of honesty, fairness and respect.

 To develop pupils’ self-discipline and self-control.

 To encourage ownership of behaviour and accountability.

 To enable pupils to be successful learners.

 To ensure that rewards and sanctions are used consistently.



The APSIRE Rules are discussed with pupils at the beginning of each term by the Headteacher during assembly and also by class teachers. It is important that pupils have a clear idea of what each rule means and the responsibility they have as individuals to follow these rules.


The rules are displayed in each classroom and around our learning community so pupils can be reminded of their responsibilities; they can be praised if they have followed the rules and if they have broken them, the issue(s) can be addressed with appropriate sanctions. There are opportunities to reward pupils who keep to the rules and consequences for those who break them.


In addition these rules, pupils are expected to walk quietly, in single file along the left hand side of the corridors. Year 6 leaders are placed in strategic positions around the school at key times (e.g. after assembly) to give praise/encouragement and to remind pupils about our expectations.


ASPIRE Rules can also be helpful at home; here's a downloadable copy should you wish to use these.